All-IP Computing Publications

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International Conferences with Proceedings

  1. Kouji Okada, Keisuke Muda, Yoshifumi Nishida, Hideaki Yoshifuji, Ryuji Wakikawa, and Jun Murai,
    Protocol Design for All-IP Computer Architecture
    International Conference on Information Networking 2008 (ICOIN2008) , January 2008.
    IEEE Digital Library copy

Workshops, Conferences Without Proceedings, WIPs and Posters

  1. Keisuke Muda, Kouji Okada, Ryuji Wakikawa, Noriyuki Shigechika, and Jun Murai,
    A Computer Architecture Utilizing the Fast Network

    Internet Conference 2007 (IC2007) , Work in Progress, October 2007.
    PDF (in Japanese)

RFCs and Internet Drafts

  1. K. Muda, Y. Nishida, K. Okada, H. Yoshifuji, and R. Wakikawa,
    Problem Statement of Internet Universal Serial Bus (iUSB)

    Internet Draft, July 2007 (expired January, 2008).
    local text copy


  1. Takeshi Matsuya,
    The Design and Implementation of an IP Bus Bridge
    Master's Thesis, July 2008.
    abstract and paper
  2. Keisuke Muda,
  3. Input and Output Devices in an All-IP Computer Environment
    All-IP Computerにおける入出力デバイスの研究
    Bachelor's Thesis, July 2008.
    abstract and paper

WIDE Camp Public Presentations

  1. Takeshi Matsuya,
    Personal Computer with IP Bus Circuit

    WIDE Camp Yataimura Demonstration, March 2008.
    slides in PDF
  2. Takeshi Matsuya,
    The IP Bus Computer Architecture and Pararell Processing

    WIDE Camp Research Presentation and Yataimura Demonstration, September 2008.
    slides in PDF

SFC's Open Research Forum

  1. Keisuke Muda, Kouji Okada, Ryuji Wakikawa, Noriyuki Shigechika, and Jun Murai,
    Next-Generation Internet Communication

    SFC ORF 2007 , November 2007.
    demonstration description / Poster PDF Page 1  Poster PDF Page 2 (all in Japanese)

Public Presentations


White Papers


Course Materials


Other Publications



For convenience, a few papers on related topics by All-IP team members that predate the project itself are listed here. Many more can be found through the projects accessible from the related work page.
  1. Garth Gibson and Rodney Van Meter,
    Network Attached Storage Architecture: The Convergence of Storage and Networking
    Communications of the ACM, November 2000.
    abstract and paper
  2. Rodney Van Meter, Gregory G. Finn and Steve Hotz,
    VISA: Netstation's Virtual Internet SCSI Adapter
    ASPLOS VIII, October 1998.
    full PDF paper
  3. Steve Hotz, Rodney Van Meter, and Gregory Finn,
    Internet Protocols for Network-Attached Peripherals
    Sixth NASA Goddard Conference on Mass Storage Systems and Technologies in conjunction with 15th IEEE Symposium on Mass Storage Systems, March 1998.
    full PostScript paper
  4. Rodney Van Meter,
    A Brief Survey of Current Work on Network-Attached Peripherals,
    ACM Operating Systems Review, January '96.
    full paper

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