DVTS support for Linux is added!!!

Please feel free to ask questions, when dvts does not work well.

5/1, 2002 PAL support added.
11/10, 2001 linux-2.4.12 works fine!
To make /dev/video1394, type the following command,
mknod -m 666 /dev/video1394 c 172 0
9/02, 2001 It seems that libraw1394 is not working on Linux-2.4.7 - 2.4.9.
I used the linux-2.4.5 kernel + drivers/ieee1394/video1394.c and drivers/ieee1394/video1394.h from linux-2.4.9 and it worked successfully for both dvsend and dvrecv.
To use this kernel, type the following commands.

  • 1. "mv vmlinuz-2.4.5 /boot/vmlinuz-2.4.5"
  • 2. "vi /etc/lilo.conf"
  • 3. "lilo"
  • 4. "sync; sync; sync; shutdown -r now"

Please use this kernel at your own risk.....

8/13, 2001 dvrecv also works on Linux.
The code is included in version newer than dvts-0.9a14.
IEEE1394 device driver and libraw1394, libavc1394 is required.
I used the CVS version of the Linux ieee1394 driver with the linux-2.4.4-18k kernel.
8/1, 2001 dvsend and xdvshow works on Linux.
The code is included in version newer than dvts-0.9a9.
IEEE1394 device driver and libraw1394 is required.
Information about the linux IEEE1394 driver and libraw1394 can be obtained from http://linux1394.sourceforge.net/

How to build dvts for Linux