DVTS for Windows



2006/04/26 : DVTS for Windows 0.0.2 (Development build) release
2005/03/04 : DVTS for Windows 0.0.1 (Development build) release
2004/05/31 : DVTS for Windows 1.01 + VC runtime release
2004/05/12 : DVTS for Windows 1.01 release
2002/07/11 : dvts for windowsXP first release
2002/01/10 : dvts for windows2000 first release
2002/01/08 : dvts for windows2000 update (dvsend and dvrecv)
2001/12/08 : dvts for windows also worked with windows XP
2001/11/16 : dvts for windows2000(under development version, dvsend only)


DirectX (9.0b recommend) is required.
You can download DirectX from microsft's web page.
If you are using windows XP, it seems that you do not need to download DirectX, since it is already installed.


To use dvts, download the following file.


dvts-2002-0629.lzh (for Windows2000/obsolete)
Double click "setup.bat". Once you execute the above command, you can execute dvts.exe.


DVTS release build (obsolete)
Download Here
Doble click "dvts-20040531.exe" and launch the setup program.
This build includes many unknown bugs. This build doesn't support PAL!!
DVTS development build (new)
Download Here
Doble click "setup-0.0.2-1.exe" and launch the setup program.
This build includes many bug fix. Supports PAL!!, variable Multicast TTL, Interface selection.
Caution! DVTS consumes about 30Mbps of network bandwidth.
HDV version is here.

How to test windows 2000 version dvts

First, prepare a DV camera.
Turn on the power of the DV camera.
Connect the DV camera to an IEEE1394 interface.
Start DVTS.
Start sending DV data to localhost by "send" , "start sending", "".
Then, start receiving by "receive", "start receiving".
You will see the DV data sent to your own machine.

When DVTS does not work

Q : Can not receive DV/RTP data.
A : If you have some security software that blocks UDP 8000 packets, DVTS receiver will not work. Please check if some security software is blocking UDP packets.

Q : Can not execute DVTS application.
A : If your directX version is older than 8.1, please upgrade directX. Then, please try reinstalling DVTS.


03/04 new DVTS (development build) released.
05/31 repackaging DVTS with Visual C++ 7.1 runtime file.
05/12 improve RTP header and Payload type.
07/10 Windows XP version with IPv6 support.
06/29 Fixed XP crash bug.
05/13 Added function to select multicast interface.
04/03 Minor bug fix. Fixed bug that makes windows freeze.
02/02 Added function that can preview the sending image.
02/01 Added function that can change image size and quality.
01/31 Fixed some bugs that causes packet loss.
Added function to change resolution.
01/17 Fixed some bugs that makes the application crash.
01/10 Primitive dvsend functions are working.
Preview dvsend on display is NOT working.
Primitive dvrecv functions are working.
Output DV data on IEEE1394 is NOT working.
can maximize preview window.
Has interoperability with FreeBSD, NetBSD, Linux, and MacosX versions of DVTS.
Works only on IPv4 now.
Works only on NTSC version DV cameras now.

Copyright (C) 2002- WIDE Project, All rights reserved.

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