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-applying the patch
obtain a kame patch from:
this is the last freebsd4.2 kame patch.
also, obtain our patch.

extract the kame by
%tar xvzf kame-20010423-freebsd42-snap.tgz

and apply the patch by doing
% cd [your kame dir]/
%patch -p1 < [name of the patch]
-compiling SFC-MIP6
after applying our patch(in your kame directory), do the following:
%make TARGET=freebsd4 prepare

next, install kame userland by
%cd freebsd4/
%make includes
%make install-includes
%make install

now, add the followings to your kernel configuration file:
options "MOBILEIP6"
pseudo device mobileip [number of mip6 pseudo device you want]
usually you put:
pseudo device mobileip 1

finally, you compile your SFC-MIP6 kernel
%config [name of your kernel config file]
%cd ../../compile/
%make depend
%make install

you are ready to use our mobileipv6 now.
-installing SFC-MIP6 commands
first, you need to install our commands by:
%cd [your kame dir]/kame/kame/
%cd mipconfig/
%make install

do the same for "miphaconfig," "mipifconfig" and "hadiscd"
if you have done them correctly, you should have these commands in
so you may want to add this directory to your path.
-homeagent setup
to make host a homeagent, you only need to type:
%mipconfig ha [interface index number] start
-mobile node setup
setup mobile node by:
%ifconfig mobileip0 inet6 [MN's home address] prefixlen 128
%mipconfig mn mobileip0 start
%miphaconfig mobileip0 64 0 [your homeagent's address]
%mipifconfig -P -a mobileip0 [interface name]
-homeagent discovery setup
first do the following for HA:
%hadiscd ha [HA address] [interface index number]
this will enable HA our homeagent discovery function.

now, here is how you get HA's address:
%hadiscd mn [MN's home address]

so, for example, setting up mobile node to use hadiscd will be:
%hadiscd mn [MN's home address] > [some file name]
%ifconfig mobileip0 inet6 [MN's home address] prefixlen 128
%mipconfig mn mobileip0 start
%miphaconfig mobileip0 64 0 'cat [some file name]'
%mipifconfig -P -a mobileip0 [interface name]
Efor correspondent node, you don't need to do anything.
Eplease read README for details on IPsec setup