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news on SFC-MIP6

We had a small interoperability test between KAME, USAGI, and SFC.
It was quite nice to see the interoperability with other implementation
so that we know what we should fix next:P
This time, all of our implementations were based on Draft-15

The test results can be viewed "HERE"
*members only for a while, sorry.
now things are starting to roll!
"todo" section is up and ready.

here are some news on SFC-MIP6 implementation:
1.might stop supporting HA, only CN and MN.(not sure)
2.switch development platform to NetBSD
3.working to support unidirectional network interface
4.coming up with many more features like mobile network!
finally, our web page is up! sorry for taking so much time.
currently, we have prepared contents in "download" section
and also in "howto" section.
information on SFC-MIP6 staffs can be obtained at "contact"
so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

last updated on: 2002/02/20