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-catch up to the latest draft
our implementation is based on draft13 at the moment.
-port to freebsd4.3 and NetBSD 1.5.2
currently our implementation is implemented on:
freebsd4.2 + KAME-20010423-freebsd42-snap
-documentation on multiple network interface support
there are not enough document on multiple network support at the moment.
-Support multiple route entry for multiple network interfaces on BSD
one of our extension to the draft.
-HA discovery support by default
we do have HA discovery, but not by default at the moment.
right now, I am preparing the document for our HA discovery usage.
-mobile network support
we are now working on supporting mobile network.
actually, the demo version was demonstrated in Open Research Forum
at Keio University SFC in late September.
-UDLR support
we are now working to support UDLR.
-making it stable
yep, it never ends.
we just need to keep debugging till things get decent.
hopefully, basic MIP6 function and also our extension get
stable enough some day...