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About NEMO

Network mobility is recently proposed by many researchers in IETF and it will be a key solution for real-systems which is currently under development. For example, projects are working to provide network cunnectivity to automobiles with many nodes inside of it. In such cases, it is recommended that the nodes inside the automobile get connected to the Internet with Mobile Networks support. The nodes inside the automobiles includes micro devices such ad sensors, devices the driver is wearing, and system controlling units such as engine. It is a waste the devices mentioned above, therefore it is reasonable to provide mobility by a single router in an automobiles. Some tiny sensors can not support any extension on their protocol stack. The mobile router provides mobility instead of sensors themselves.

You can get more general information about NEMO from "Links"

Goals and Milestones
May 2003
Basic implementation based on KAME MIP6 stack.
September 2003
Implementation supporting IETF draft published during June(?).

Documents and Implementations

We have two implementations. The one is called MADRID. The features are as follows,

The another is called SFC-MIP. The features are as follows,


The snap kit of MADRID can be obtained here, MADRID SNAP kit.
SFC-MIP will be available soon at SFC Mobile IPv6 Pages


The links for related researches and works.

Contact information

If you have any question, please feel free to contact the network design team of InternetCAR Project. The contact address is

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