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NAME Achmad Basuki
TITLE Transit Architecture for IP Multicast

This dissertation proposes an architecture for inter-domain IP multicast transit, called ODMT (On-demand Inter-domain Multicast Tunneling). ODMT solves the deployment complexity of current IP multicast architecture and proposes a manageable service model as an alternative to the current open service model of IP multicast. This architecture provides a multicast tunnel peering mechanism to interconnect isolated multicast domains on the Internet. Leveraging Source-Specific Multicast (SSM) service model, the interconnection between isolated multicast domains on the Internet can be performed in an on-demand fashion without modifying the existing IP multicast routing protocol.

ODMT introduces a mechanism to manage the establishment of multicast tunnel peering between IP multicast domains through the local policy consideration. Through this mechanism, an ODMT site can also provide an overlay multicast transit on behalf of an IP multicast domain. Thus, ODMT provides a manageable inter-domain service model for IP multicast. The prototype of this architecture has been tested in a testbed environment with real multicast routers and has been evaluated through a simulation on Internet-scale topology. The simulation results showed that ODMT provides sufficient incentives to all multicast enablers.

Foreseeing the widely deployed inter-domain IP multicast using ODMT, this dissertation also proposes an end-to-end estimation method for real-time monitoring of large group size membership in live broadcast services, called AMEGoS (Adaptive Method for Estimating Group Size Information). This proposal employs adaptive sampling techniques to avoid feedback implosion. AMEGoS achieves a fast, scalable, and accurate estimation in an emulated environment with dynamic multicast group membership. AMEGoS, as a monitoring method, is also useful for selecting appropriate overlay multicast transit providers for ODMT deployment.

Keywords: IP multicast, inter-domain multicast, on-demand tunnel, overlay network, membership monitoring, adaptive sampling.

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