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#01 1998 NISHIDA, Yoshifumi Autonomous Congestion Control Scheme for Wide-area Packet-switched Networks Japanese Course
#02 1999 TOMINAGA, Akihiro A Study on Mechanism for Global and Dynamic Management of Network Addresses Japanese Course
#03 2000 CHO, Kenjiro The Design and Implementation of the ALTQ Traffic Management System English
#04 2000 OKAWA, Keiko The Next Generation University Environment based on the Digital Communication Infrastructure Japanese Course
#05 2001 MIYAGAWA, Shoko Research on use of social contexts for information retrieval on the Internet Japanese Course
#06 2002 TAKEI, Jun A Study of the address assignment and the routing method on global network employing communication satellite. Japanese
#07 2002 SHIGECHIKA, Noriyuki The Design of Communication Environment for Live Event Japanese Course
#08 2002 SUGIURA, Kazunori Practical Resource Management for Portable Computer Environment English Course
#09 2002 UEHARA, Keisuke A study on the system architecture for Internet mobility and Automobiles Japanese Course
#10 2003 WATANABE, Yasuhito Study on the method of managing geographical location information on the internet Japanese Course
#11 2003 JINMEI, Tatsuya Design and Implementation of Address Management Methods
for the Next Generation Internet
#12 2003 OGAWA, Akimichi Design and Implementation of DV Based Video Transportation with Congestion Control English Course
#13 2003 IZUMIYAMA, Hidetaka Harmonization of the Internet Environment with Satellite Communication Technology Japanese
#14 2003 KATO, Akira The Design and Operation of a Root DNS Server System Japanese
#15 2003 WAKIKAWA, Ryuji Design of Architecture and Protocols for Universal Mobile Internet English Course
#16 2003 TSUCHIMOTO, Yasuo The model of network engineer fostering for Internet start up area Japanese Course
#17 2004 SEKIYA, Yuji A Research into Analysis of Operational Status on Large Scale and Global Infrastructure Japanese Course
#18 2004 IMAIZUMI, Hideaki A study of Internet End-End Path Control Architecture Japanese Course
#19 2005 UCHIYAMA, Eiko Establishment of a Consumer-centric Information Sharing and Protection Environment for Long-term Health Care Japanese Course
#20 2005 THAMRIN, Achmad Husni Global Multicast Network and Scaling Multicast Communications English Course
#21 2005 SAITO, Kenji i-WAT: The Internet WAT System
- An Architecture for Maintaining Trust and Facilitating Peer-to-Peer Barter Relationships -
English Course
#22 2006 ASAEDA, Hitoshi On Controllable Multicast Communication in the Internet English
#23 2007 ORITA, Akiko The Effect of Anonymity on User Interaction on the Internet Japanese Course
#24 2007 MURAKAMI, Yoko Research on Distance Learning System and Management Mechanism for the Next Generation Higher Education Institutions Japanese Course
#25 2007 OHARA, Yasuhiro Routing Architecture for the Dependable Internet English Course
#26 2007 KAWAKITA, Yuusuke High performance UHF-band RFID inventory Japanese Course
#27 2007 MIKAWA, Shoko A Model for Autonomous and Sustainable Educational Collaboration on Digital Infrastructure English Course
#28 2007 MITSUYA, Koshiro End System Based Handover Management for Multihomed Mobile Internet English Course
#29 2008 SUGIMOTO, Shinta S-Mobile Internet: A Dynamically Configurable and Manageable Mobile Architecture English Course
#30 2008 SATO, Masaaki A Study on Automobile Data-flow architecture for Internet Based Probe Information Systems Japanese Course
#31 2009 ISHIDA, Takaaki A Real-Space Communication System Focused on Store, Carry and Forward Mechanisms Japanese Course
#32 2009 ISHIHARA, Tomohiro Global and Scalable Identifier Management Infrastructure Japanese Course
#33 2009 INABA, Tatsuya SCM Process Design Enabled by Fine Granular Real Space Information Japanese Course
#34 2009 KATAOKA, Kotaro IP Network Architecture Over Uni-directional Broadcast Media English Course
#35 2009 SUKO, Yoshihiko Master Network Model - Proposal and Evaluation of a Search Model for Subjective and Continuing Information Acquisition Japanese Course
#36 2009 YACHI, Masahiro A Method to Create Educational Tools with Visually Captured Learners' Interests Japanese Course
#37 2010 MIZUTANI, Masayoshi Behavior-based Network Incident Detection with Analyzing Malware Infection Case Japanese Course
#38 2010 TAZAKI, Hajime Floating Ground: An Architecture for Network Mobility and Ad Hoc Network Convergence English Course
#39 2011 (Aug.24,2011) VIXIE, Paul Design and Implementation of Advanced Domain Name System Infrastructure English
#40 2011 (Feb 1st, 2012) SUZUKI, Shigeya A Relocatable RFID Information System Japanese Course
#41 2011 (Mar 23rd, 2012) MISHIMA, Kazuhiro Autonomous and Distributed Content Information Management Architecture Japanese Course
#42 2011 (Mar 23rd, 2012) HISAMATSU, Tsuyoshi MUSE Stream: Adaptive Overlay Network for High-Bandwidth Streaming English Course
#43 2011 (Mar 23rd, 2012) Achmad Basuki Transit Architecture for IP Multicast English Course
#44 2012 Vinton Gray Cerf The Internet - Doctorate Honoris Causa
#45 2012 (Mar 23rd, 2013) MATSUZONO, Kazuhisa Robust High-Performance Real-Time Streaming Control English Course
#46 2012 (Feb 28th, 2013) WATARI, Masafumi Advanced Architecture for Inter-Domain Routing in the Internet English
#47 2013 (May 22nd, 2013) MANNING, William C. Client Based Naming English Course
#48 2013 (Jan 30th, 2014) KUDO, Noriatsu A Real-time Event Architecture to Integrate Cyber and Real Spaces Japanese Course
#49 2014 (Aug 27th, 2014) MOHAMAD, Fauzie (Dikshie) Analysis of Peer-to-Peer Operation in Content Delivery English Course
#50 2014 (Feb 27, 2015) KUGA, Yohei Packet Scripting Architecture with Precise Packet Timing Control English Course
#51 2014 (Feb 27, 2015) USUI, Takeshi Signaling-based Dependable Services on the Internet English
#52 2016 (June 22, 2016) SAWADA, Shiori Improving Medication AdherenceĦĦin Home Care Using a Sensor-based Life Logging System Japanese Course
#53 2016 (Sept 21, 2016) MATSUYA, TakeshiN Low-latency Distributed Architecture using IP (Internet Protocol) Japanese Course
#54 2016 (March 23, 2017) SATO, Yuki Automatic Identification of Physical and Logical Sets of Things Japanese Course
#55 2016 (March 23, 2017) SUZUKI, Tsugumasa Designing One-to-one Tablet Lessons in Elementary School ~ Keio Yochisha Lower Primary Grade Students: Experimental Practice ~ Japanese Course
#56 2016 (March 23, 2017) NAGAYAMA, Shota Distributed Quantum Computing Utilizing Multiple Codes on Imperfect Hardware English Course
#57 2017 (Sept 21, 2017) Nitish Rajoria Multi-Carrier Backscatter Communication System for Concurrent Wireless and Batteryless Sensing English Course
#58 2018 (July 30, 2018) ITO, Joi The Practice of Change English
#59 2019 (September, 2019) HORIBA, Katsuhiro Container Based NFV Architecture Japanese Course
#60 2019 (March, 2020) TSUCHIYA, Takayasu Development and validation of value creation model by users' proactive utilization in healthcare data Japanese Course
#61 2019 (March, 2020) KIMURA, Shuhei Computer-Integrated Language Learning - A New Horizon of College English Education - Japanese Course

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