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NAME OGAWA, Akimichi
TITLE Design and Implementation of DV Based Video Transportation with Congestion Control

In this research, high quality video communication environment with low latency is realized. Communication environment using conventional video transport systems assume narrow bandwidth networks, for example, home networks. Transportation of video data over narrow bandwidth networks are realized at the sacrifice of video quality. On the other hand, the bandwidth of the Internet is growing, and is in the quest of high quality video contents. However, high quality video transport technology for the Internet is not established.

In this research, high quality video communication environment is realized by using the DV(Digital Video) format. DV format is adopted because it is one of the most popular video format, and can be obtained easily with low cost. The system realized in this research uses RTP(Realtime Transport Protocol) for DV data transportation. RTP is selected because it is the most popular format for transporting data that has realtime characteristics. For adaptation to the next generation Internet, this system supports both IPv4 and IPv6.

To realize and popularize the communication environment, not only development but deployment is required. In this research, standardization of RTP payload format for DV is done at the IETF(Internet Engineering Task Force) for future interoperability. As a result, RFC3189 and RFC3190 were published. Moreover, enhancement of convenience is realized by porting this system to various operating system environment. This system is distributed as a free software, and are widely used.

The Internet is based on a bandwidth sharing model with end-to-end congestion control. Therefore, congestion control would still be required even if the bandwidth of the Internet becomes larger. However, RTP does not have any congestion control scheme. In this research, adaptation to various environment is realized by adding a congestion control scheme. The congestion control scheme realized in this research is based on TCP throughput evaluation. Stabilization of the congestion control scheme is also realized using ECN(Explicit Congestion Notification). Using this congestion control scheme, optimum bandwidth utilization can be calculated automatically. Therefore, users without knowledge about the Internet technology can also realize effective video transportation with small packet loss.

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