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ACADEMIC YEAR 2016 (March 23, 2017)
NAME SUZUKI, Tsugumasa
TITLE Designing One-to-one Tablet Lessons in Elementary School
~ Keio Yochisha Lower Primary Grade Students: Experimental Practice ~

Today in primary education, the expectation is to provide an "easy to understand" and "fun to learn" teaching, conducted through effective use of ICT in class. However, for educators, it is not yet clear which primary grade such teaching should start, which subject this teaching should be applied to, what ICT device should be used, or who should use the ICT device: students, teachers, or both. It is also not evident that a majority of parents truly accept the use of the technology. There have already been many cases in which short experimental classes were conducted for primary grades five and six, as well as secondary school students. Many experiments have also been reported for the shared use of tablet devices among students. We still need to evaluate these experimental efforts over a longer period of time. We also need to clarify the parents' opinions regarding the use of ICT in school education.

Introducing a tablet device for each student right after they enroll in primary school, makes it easier to conduct "easy to understand yet fun to learn" classes. Students are to use the tablets in Japanese, mathematics, and life skills development classes, with instructions based on an ICT-integrated lesson plan.

With this as a premise, the author conducted experimental classes for two years at Keio Yochisha Elementary School, wherein the author was appointed as a home room teacher of a first grade class with a total of thirty-six students. In the experiment, a tablet device was provided to each student. The experiment lasted for two full academic years, while also developing ongoing lesson plans. The two-year empirical research was conducted by direct observation of the classes by educators, as well as by interviews with parents on their ideas about the use of the tablets. The objective of the research was to verify the effectiveness of this educational approach.

The research proved the effectiveness of ICT lesson plans for lower primary grades. It also led to improvements in the students' skills to effectively use tablet technologies as stationery-like tools. In addition, it helped to gain the parents' support for the use of the tablets.

Keywords: Elementary School, Tablet Device, ICT Literacy, Stationary, Lesson Plan

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