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TITLE Establishment of a Consumer-centric Information Sharing and Protection Environment for Long-term Health Care

The goals of this research is to create a new framework as social system for home care consumers, by supporting consumers°« decision making, as well as increasing opportunities to receive better care from healthcare service providers by facilitating information sharing. To support decision making, sufficient information and communication in order to reach a decision are both required. However, because health care information had been maintained by the healthcare service agencies, it was difficult to utilize all the healthcare information pertaining to one°«s self which had been built up at the service agencies, by legal requirements.

To remedy this, this research proposes a consumer centric information sharing infrastructure, based on the MYSSI model, a consumer centric information sharing model which makes the consumers themselves the owners of their own healthcare information. By handing ownership of the healthcare information to consumers, it made possible to circumnavigate the legal and confidentiality obligations placed on health care service agencies and specialists. In terms of information sharing, by having participating members and adopting an authorization model based on self determination, it became possible to realize consumer information sharing and protection based on will and a mechanism which could respond to a dynamically changing group of members covering multiple occupations and services.

Results of system evaluation and feasibility and validation in actual homecare field, it was proved that the proposed model could overcome various problems that hamper achieving consumer-centric information sharing. Another contribution is that the proposed model fulfills all legal and regulations and ethical codes related to healthcare that healthcare professionals could disclose consumers°« healthcare information with less risk, and a more coordinated service structure was achieved due to the better understanding of the consumer status made possible through information sharing.

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