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TITLE A Real-Space Communication System Focused on Store, Carry and Forward Mechanisms

This dissertation research proposed a real-space communication system that leverages the two notable properties of information sharing and dissemination: geographical position and time. Usability of the system has been evaluated through computer simulations and experiments in the real space.

Communication systems have evolved as technology to enhance the fundamental abilities of human communications like visual sense and acoustic sense. Telephony or broadcasting involves multimedia contents such as audio, video and texts on their communication systems. This aspect indicates that such systems have already enabled new communication mechanisms beyond the ability of human nature. Especially on the Internet, the mechanisms for virtual space communications are widely developed to overcome the conceptual barriers that arise from the restrictions of real space and social situations.

However, various methods of communication have not been implemented by the current communication technologies yet. Those methods are, for example, information dissemination over a shared physical space or information sharing among unspecified people.

This research has introduced two unique concepts for real-space communications: "possession" and "geographical tie" of information. These concepts are applied to modeling the properties and the procedures of information sharing and dissemination caused by communications in the real space: time of origination, geographical position of destination, distance between information source and destination, and delay of information delivery or sharing. The application systems based on this model, "Content Cruising System" and "Center-less Probe Car System", have been developed and evaluated using computer simulations or real-space experiments. The evaluation results showed that the proposed concepts effectively work as the method for real-space communications.

The real-space communication system designed in this dissertation research, the author believes, is a promising origin of future evolutions towards diversity of the systems to support human communications using the digital technology.

Keyword: Wireless P2P Ad-hoc Communication, Location Based Service, Content Distribution System, Autonomous Decentralized System, Decentralized Vehicle Probing Systems

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