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NAME Hidetaka Izumiyama
TITLE Harmonization of the Internet Environment with Satellite Communication Technology

This thesis describes a study on the application of satellite communication in order to apply its characteristics such as wide coverage, broadcasting capabilities, flexibility and disaster-proofness to the existing Internet platform that is terrestrial link based.

As the satellite communication can be linked quickly and flexibly, it is considered to be effective in providing an alternative solution in the areas where deployment of the existing Internet platform is not considered feasible. It could also be utilized to build a wider-coverage network in combination with the existing low-speed terrestrial link based platform, or to serve as a back-up solution in case of contingencies.

The broadcasting environment of IP multicast over the Internet was designed using global/broadcast type of satellite link. The study clarified the issues with the uni-directional broadcast type of satellite link in applying to the routing control of the Internet that is bi-directional communication based. A unique routing control mechanism was developed and implemented using the actual satellite link to provide multimedia broadcasting/ data distribution services in practice as well as to serve as a platform for distance education. The evaluation of the experiments was performed to assess its practicality.

To make this routing technology publicly available for use, the mechanism was proposed to the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) which is the standardized protocol engineering and development arm of the Internet, and is now disclosed as UDLR technology (RFC3077).

Furthermore the satellite link based Internet environment utilizing this technology was implemented in Asia. Ku-band with wider range of the rain attenuation parameter was employed for this testbed, leading to a possibility for new use of the frequency. C-Band has been utilized since 1999 connecting 15 sites in 9 countries, proving that the environment created with this technology is effective in introduction and development of the Internet in Asia.

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