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TITLE Design and Implementation of Address Management Methods
for the Next Generation Internet

IPv6 has unique properties such as address scope and multiple addresses for different purposes assigned on a single interface . With these properties, IPv6 realizes new applications in the Internet, including multicasting and mobility.

To achieve the benefits, however, it is necessary to resolve ambiguity of scoped addresses and to manage multiple addresses in an effective and efficient manner.

This dissertation first targets the notion of address scoping to deal with the issues. It begins with showing a model of link-local communication, and discusses the effects of scope zone leakage in larger scoped routing.

This dissertation then applies the general discussions to the following research items:

  1. To disambiguate scoped addresses, it extends the textual representation by combining an address and the identifier of its scope zone. It also designs a new API and protocol architecture of BSD to support the extension.
  2. It introduces a new option in PIM so that routers can relate multiple addresses of a neighbor. It also discusses how to avoid breaking scope zones when a router sends packets to a core router. Operational solutions are considered and compared to the proposed methods, too.
  3. It shows a design of protocol stack that manages addresses and prefixes separately, as an implementation model of BSD. On top of the implementation model, it then proposes an effective method to support autoconfiguration in a mobile environment. The method associates configuration information with advertising routers, and distinguishes a proper prefix information by the knowledge about the routers' reachability.
  4. It proposes an efficient algorithm to detect whether an inbound packet is destined for an IP node, by applying a tree based routing lookup method of BSD.

This dissertation also describes implementation of the proposals on BSD. It then shows that the proposed methods and the implementation are effective through experiments in a live network and performance evaluations.

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