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TITLE A study on the system architecture for Internet mobility and Automobiles

This thesis defines an abstraction of a harmonized system of mobile internet technologies and automobile systems. A system architecture to realize the harmonized system is also proposed. The proposed system architecture is verified in four testing field includes feasibility studies.

The harmonized system of mobile internet technologies and automobile systems is not only to accelerate growth of mobile internet technologies and automobile systems but also has risen new services to support human life. This thesis proposes a platform architecture called ``InternetCAR architecture''. The architecture has two parts: communication architecture and data architecture. In communication architecture, three design models are proposed: single computer model, single router model and multiple router model. If one of these models are applied to an automobile communication system, it can communicate any nodes on the Internet freely. On the other hand, data architecture defines the data dictionary model to make easy to develop applications which use some data from an automobile, ex. speed, location of an automobile and air temperature around an automobile.

Four testing has been held to verify the proposed architecture. First testing was small testing in NECM Project. The single computer model was used in this testing. Next one was done in InternetCAR project. The single router model and the data dictionary model was tested in this environment. The third test was called IPCar led by automobile industry. This feasibility study made clear the data dictionary model can be used in real services. The InternetITS feasibility study is the last. This study used some models I proposed and the result was good to use in a large scale system.

This reserch makes the InternetCAR system well-known. Also proposed system is very useful in the system.

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