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TITLE The Next Generation University Environment based on the Digital Communication Infrastructure
ABSTRACT This research proposes a new higher educational environment based on the Internet and digital technology, which provides the global and open educational environment to all individuals aiming to learn.

This paper designs and implements the School of Internet model (SOI Model) as a new educational environment on the Internet, based on the analysis of educational activities at Universities. In this SOI model, educational activities are defined as a set of communication among faculty and students. What is exchanged and shared among them for educational purposes are defined as a set of "Educational Objects", such as "courses", "assignments", "course surveys" and "discussions". By defining and digitizing each educational object, a comprehensive university environment on the Internet has been accomplished which has been well proven by the three year SOI experimentations involving 14 professors from 7 universities, 80 special speakers and over 6000 students.
(WIDE University, School of Internet)

The SOI model consists of 1) Digitization of educational objects, 2) Membership management, 3) Authentication mechanism and 4) Communication infrastructure. Based on this model, several systems such as "student registration and authentication system", "on-demand class system", "real-time distance class system", "assignment system", "transcript system" and "course survey system" have all been implemented on the Internet.As a result of this research, new values of educational objects, not visible on the current university environment, have been revealed, thus, offering a new way for the university to effectively contribute it's own intellectual property for promoting ,enhancing, and building a fruitful and better relationship with society.

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