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TITLE The Design of Communication Environment for Live Event

In this research, the communication environments for the live event over the Internet have been realized since 1994. These communication environments were designed and implemented with three viewpoints: "timeline" such as before, during and after the events, "bi-directionality" and "scalability" of the communications. The evaluation was taken with real events. As a result, utilization of the Internet for the communication environment was proved to support the intellectual activities, which could not be realized with traditional communication media.

The uni-directional communication is applied for seminar, lecture and concert style events, such as TV broadcasting. However, with live events, there is very important communication between the artist on the stage and audience in sharing the single space within the live hall. Clapping by the audience is the communication form the audience to the artist. This communication is bi-directional communication between the artist and the audience with well-known and allowable expression method. At first, the model of the bi-directional communication on the Internet is defined and implemented. I solved the scale issues on the Internet such as so many audiences can join the live events from the Internet, as an abstraction of the communication from the audience.

In real live envents, communications are not limited to claps bye the audience. Thus, in order to realize this, new concept: "Inband communication" and "Outband communication" are proposed in this dissertation. "Inband communication" is asymmetric communication from the artist to the audience used as original purpose in live event. "Outband communication" is an interactive communication between the artist and the audience, where the atmosphere becomes very important in order to feel the realistic sensations.

In realizing "sharing the live space" on the Internet, I have implemented the system using multipoint-to-multipoint and singlepoint-to-multipoint bi-directional communication such as the proposed "Outband communication" with "transparency" and "easiness" to participate to the live events. Through the experiments of using Gaya system on the several live events, the system enables to participate the live event with new communication model over the Internet. And it was proved to be effective to create the "sharing the live space" environments.

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