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TITLE Study on the method of managing geographical location information on the internet

This research proposes the geographical location system which can manage mobile nodes' geographical location information on the Internet. Mobile node is a node which can move physically while being connected to the Internet. Availability of the proposed system is validated by evaluating performance and security by conducting actual operation experiment using InternetCAR and Probe Information System.

In order to handle various types of mobile nodes, geographical information, which had little dependency to the Internet, was managed as one of the mobile nodes' administrative information. By doing so, mobile nodes can be searched using either geographical information or identifiers and provides many applications in real world.

In this research, four requirements are proposed. Satisfying all four requirements makes a system which everyone can use as mobile nodes' geographical location information management. Four requirements are, 1) Defining geographical location information service model, 2) Accuracy and correctness of mobile nodes' geographical location information when registering, 3) safe exchange of geographical location information, and 4) management of large number of mobile nodes.

For 1), new searching method which can search mobile nodes' information from both geographical location information and identifier is proposed. This was made possible because the proposed system manages geographical location of mobile nodes.
For 2), solution to threats such as faking, eavesdropping, and falsification are proposed by discussing the system which makes mobile node register and manage its own geographical location information using the Internet.
For 3), three approaches to security and privacy are proposed for mobile nodes' geographical location information management. They are public, private, business. The levels of security and privacy required by each approaches are organized. By doing so, disclosure method and lookup potentiality of managed identifier and geographical location information is discussed and a safe management method for identifier and geographical location information as open information is proposed.
For 4), in order to attain scalability on geographical location information management of mobile nodes, basic guidelines for partitioning servers by search types and scattered management structure of multiple servers according to organization and geographical location information are proposed.

Assignments and solutions for above four requirements are discussed in this research and geographical Location System (GLI) system is designed and implemented. Performance and security of this system is evaluated and speculated in testing environment and validated fulfillment of above four requirements. Furthermore, versatility and applicability is improved by experimenting with InternetCAR and Probe Information System. Base technologies for versatile geographical location information management were established by this research.

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