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NAME SATO, Masaaki
TITLE A Study on Automobile Data-flow architecture for Internet Based Probe Information Systems

In this research, information architecture for discovering new valuable information using automobile over the Internet was defined. In order to meet the requirements for constructing the architecture, three technology architectures were developed. In addition to definition and development, the possibilities of actually applying the technology to the real world, including the acceptance by society, were observed by experiments and international standardization.

The first one is: automobile information collection interface architecture. It is used for creating database in a single format that can be used for various information systems; the data includes vehicle location, speed, temperature and other sensors. The second one is: probe information generation architecture. It is used for obtaining and collecting vehicle information using the first architecture, proposing generation scheme for producing valuable information, to meet scalability and immediately required for developing probe information system, through vehicle-to-vehicle communications. The other one is: privacy protection architecture. When collecting automobile information, it is required to protect the individual privacies. To meet the requirements, this architecture provides safety and relief to both information senders and receivers, through proposing basic privacy policies, building system considering privacy protections, and utilizing anonymous authentication mechanism for maintaining the system.

In this research, experiments were done to measure possibilities of application and social acceptance. The experiments include: probe information production by utilizing automobile information, development of probe information system with vehicle-to-vehicle communication, and development of probe information system with anonymous authentication mechanisms. In addition, to develop a common agreement, internationalization of automobile information format and privacy protection policies of probe information system were done. Through these experiments and standardizations, whether the architecture meets requirements for utilizing automobile information was verified, and application possibilities and social acceptance have concluded the positive outcomes.

With these activities, the research contributed in development of basic architecture for next-generation probe information system through automobile information architecture over the Internet.

[ Key Words ]
1.Internet 2.ITS 3.Probe Information Systems 4.Vehicle to Vehicle Communication 5.Privacy Protection

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