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TITLE S-Mobile Internet: A Dynamically Configurable and Manageable MObile Architecture

The Mobile Internet is evolving towards a fully converged all IP-based network, in which mobile hosts roam around various kinds of access networks without any service disruptions. It is envisioned that IP mobility management is performed either in a client-based or aˇˇnetwork-based manner. A set of new issues arise in the future Mobile Internet such as i) lack of interactions between Mobile IP and IPsec/IKE, ii) difficulty of continuing route optimization in the heterogeneous Mobile IP networks, and iii) limitations in utilization of IP sub-layers and lack of coordination inside the IP layer. The proposed new architecture for the future Mobile Internet solves these issues by the key design features of 1) introducing a direct interface between the IP sub-layers, 2) having the mobility anchor control route optimization contexts on behalf of mobile nodes, and 3) introducing a coordinator function inside the IP layer. The direct interface between Mobile IPv6 and IPsec/IKE reduces signaling overhead and minimizes disruption of IP communication over the IPsec tunnel during handover. A prototype implementation proves feasibility of the solution. The solution for network-controlled route optimization enables the mobile host to seamlessly continue route optimization when it moves to an access network with different characteristics. A quantitative evaluation shows that the proposed solution is comparable to the existing solutions in terms of signaling overhead and handover latency. Mobile operators become able to activate or deactivate route optimization and flexibly arrange points to execute route optimization inside the network. The coordinator function inside the IP layer enables the IP stack to resolve IP transformation for an IP flow taking the application's requirements and the network environment information into account. In all, the S-Mobile Internet solves all the outstanding issues in the future mobile Internet.

Keywords: Mobile Telecommunication Systems, All IP-based, IP Mobility Management, Mobile IP, Proxy Mobile IP

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