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TITLE Global and Scalable Identifier Management Infrastructure

Information society is made up with cross referred information system and each system is based on locally defined identifier in each system. In such system, many variety of information has been linked to real world objects which used by other system. This research proposes; develop the new scalable and global accessable common base for identification system.

Main components of this information system would be information of various objects Unique identifier is used to refer those components. Those identifier and system which uses identifier are operated within closed system. Also, they have a huge variety of database. To deploy such system in the global information society, they must have strong link to the cross reference infrastructure. This research develops information infrastructure which enable wide variety of databases in closed environments to be constructed on the common infrastructure, and also those are able to access via common access method.

Scalability is the biggest problem to make variety of information systems and databases to common infrastructure. In the other hand, DNS (Domain Name System) has been deployed the global scalability on the Internet. It access to the information using identifier is a class structure. This research designed the joint feature for DNS and other databases, which can be made collaboration between DNS and independent information systems. Access security issue is also the biggest problem. It has been solved by using accessing control which is based on TSIG technology.

Based on this research, it becomes safe to use variety of identifier and autonomous developing information systems using such identifiers over global common infrastructure. Therefore it becomes possible to develop larger system which is based on cross referred identifier system. Based on the new identification system such as RFID system based creative infrastructure has been realized.

Keywords: Identifier, Distributed Database, Security, Domain Name System, DNS

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