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TITLE Advanced Architecture for Inter-Domain Routing in the Internet

This dissertation proposes an advanced architecture for inter-domain routing in the Internet. Today, the inter-domain routing architecture is considered not scalable against the increasing number of domains and prefixes. On the other hand, its impact on the stability of inter-domain routing and the effect on service quality as well as its architectural constraints are not clear.

In this dissertation, we first propose, for the first time since the deployment of the Internet, an advanced methodology for measuring the inter-domain routing stability. The methodology identifies unstable locations in the Internet by analyzing topological changes and origins of routing updates. Internet-wide measurements conducted at a commercial ISP revealed that 95% of all routing failures are triggered from 20% of all inter-domain links and that 89% of these links are edge domains. Furthermore, we revealed that increased prefixes slows the restoration from inter-domain failures, where some require very long down duration.

We then propose an advanced inter-domain routing architecture to solve the above problems. We first propose a fast inter-domain rerouting scheme to accelerate restoration by optimizing the routing table structure and the interaction with the intra-domain routing protocol. Evaluation using a prototype and Internet emulated testbed demonstrated its ability to reduce restoration time by several orders of magnitude. We then propose a novel on-demand, automated inter-domain peering scheme for isolated domains to autonomously recover from failures. Evaluation using a prototype demonstrated its ability to restore IP reachability within few seconds. Finally, we propose an inter-domain routing path optimization scheme that enables mobile routers to establish dynamic tunnels and solve the sub-optimal routing problem caused by increased number of domains in mobile networks. Evaluation using a prototype demonstrated its potential to decrease communication delay by several orders of magnitude. These proposals are all backward compatible and incrementally deployable.

This dissertation contributes in improving the stability and availability of the Internet and its further globalization.

Keyword : Inter-Domain Routing, BGP Stability, Origin Inference, Fast Restoration, On-demand Peering, Routing Path Optimization

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