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orf2006 We welcome visiting researchers and students in our laboratory. Our laboratory covers most research areas related to the Internet. Our laboratory has a strong relationship with the WIDE project (www.wide.ad.jp) and also works with many private companies and research organizations throughout the world. The mission of our laboratory is to demonstrate research which will change our world. The philosophy of our laboratory is "Research with our left hand, operations with our right hand! Supporting social infrastructure with both hands."

We are particularly interested in candidates who demonstrate a talent for selecting the right research problems, strong implementation skills and real experimentation skills. We are also interested in talented senior researchers who have produced outstanding results, and frequently host both short and long-term visits from some of the world's leading Internet researchers and developers.

If you would like to join our lab, we encourage you to get a scholarship or other funding before applying for a position. If you have financial support, the process is much easier. In Japan, unlike in some other countries, it is common for foreign researchers to apply for and receive funding before applying to the institution they hope to attend. If you have funding, we will help with finding accommodations, matching your interests with our researchers, discussing specific research plans, etc. Please submit your resume (C.V.) and your research proposal to junsec@sfc.wide.ad.jp.

If you don't have financial support, we may be able to provide some suggestions for the financial plan of your stay (including how to apply for scholarships or other funding). Under some circumstances, our individual projects (listed here) may be able to hire a few researchers. Naturally, we cannot guarantee such a position, but if you are interested in working for a particular project, please send your resume and your research proposal with the desired project name to junsec@sfc.wide.ad.jp.

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