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NAME SUKO, Yoshihiko
TITLE Master Network Model - Proposal and Evaluation of a Search Model for Subjective and Continuing Information Acquisition

Through progress of the Internet, general people have been enabled to easily participate in transmission of information. As a result, the diversity of information has increased. Because the values of some information are judged by different tastes among individuals, searching such information will need to consider the different standards for the value systems of the users. This research defines the type of such information subjective information filtering, and extracts its problems. This research also proposes the master network model as an appropriate search model for subjective information filtering.

The master network model is based on the information processing model that we often apply in our daily lives. The importances of information providers are distinguished based on the accumulation of past interactions among the social relationships surrounding the user. This dissertation defines the importances of information providers to whom a user refers as a social distance concept. The social distance is a logical closeness different from physical closeness in the general concept of distance. For a user, information from socially close distance is viewed as one that matches his or her system of judgment. It also enables efficient information acquisition with least requirements for attention to users, by precise prioritizing of information that was difficult with existing techniques. The master network model is an application of the author's knowledge through development and operation of the model for many years facing the needs of users, which has been a fundamental of today's SNS.

There has not been a de-facto standard for information search system for subjective information filtering. There are only a few existing systems that are widely applicable with general models. Because of this lack of general models, the discussion for evaluation techniques have not been developed yet. This research proposes the master network model, aiming at generalization of information search model applicable to various applications of subjective information filtering, and has implemented a prototype. This research also proposes a technique for evaluation, using which the master network model has been evaluated. Some new knowledge and problems have been derived towards real use of the system. The implementation is for multiple applications, suggesting the applicability of the model.

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