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TITLE A Study of the address assignment and the routing method on global network employing communication satellite.

The satellite communication has been getting popular and necessary communication media these days. The types of the satellite payload and the earth station styles are various for each purpose of the communication. The flexibility of the network configuration like changing the topology and the mobile communication capability are one of the major characteristics of the satellite communication.

In this dissertation we focus on the address assignment method and the packet routing mechanism on the satellite network. At the first part of the study, we present the design and implementation of the SLCP(Satellite Link Configuration Protocol), a dynamic address assignment system which provide a capability to adapt a one way feed bandwidth from the satellite to the node which connect to the Internet. Current existing dynamic address assignment protocol assumes that the link has a two-way communication capability. They are not prepared for uni-directional liks (e.g. one way satellite link). We present the requirement for the SLCP system and apply it for the implementation. The evaluation has been done on several practical network include commercial service. The SLCP provide dynamic broadband bandwidth allocation using oneway satellite link for a node who want high-speed internet access, but are in locations that don't offer broadband options.

Then we focus on the mobile communication capable LEO(Low Earth orbit) satellite network. The communication systems with the LEO satellite are very different from the one with the geostationary satellite. The LEO satellite keep moving seeing from the earth. Therefore, several satellites must be placed on several orbits to cover all over the world. When a satellite forward a message to the other satellite, they must find next hop satellite and where are they. We present the address assignment mechanism for the LEO satellite and routing method on the global message network employing the LEO satellites. Employing presented address assignment method, each satellite doesn't have to calculate other satellite locations. We present two different network models with traffic analysis and simulation results. The result shows network characteristics of 3-dimension glove network model.

The satellite network is flexible network, that achieve quick deployment or easy to change the topology. One can get a communication infrastructure if the place covered by the satellite footprint even if there are not in service area of terrestrial line. To this end, our focus is not only a proposal to use satellite link but also deployment of the real satellite network. In fact, SLCP has been used in a government supported program to provide the broadband connectivity for rural area or islands and also commercial service.

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