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NAME Yasuo Tsuchimoto
TITLE The model of network engineer fostering for Internet start up area
ABSTRACT The Internet has been established as the infrastructure and various services are produced to support our daily activities. This Internet infrastructure is still developing by injecting new technology, widening the area and enhancing the bandwidth rapidly toward the ubiquitous and broadband environment. On the global scale, there are still regions which do not equip such environment and the digital divide between developed and developing regions comes into existence. The digital divide is the gap of the developing level of the Internet infrastructure. Solution of the digital divide, the network operators in developing regions have to take the important role to manage the advanced Internet environment continuously in their regions. In this dissertation, the training process of the network operator is focused and the new training method to gain the knowledge, operational technique and experience is proposed to solve the digital divide. This method consists of (1) categorizing the Internet environment by technology and application (2) bridging these environments with advanced Internet technology and (3) carrying out a joint project among operators in both regions based on this bridged environment. With this method trainee can keep their motivation to study and gain the experience through the cooperation with the network operator of the advanced Internet environment. In this dissertation, this process called "Bridge Incentive Model" is proposed. Dispatching this model to practical usage, SOI Asia Project is conducted. Four activities are processed A) construction of the broadband Internet infrastructure with the satellite circuit and UDLR technology among 11 organizations from 7 countries. B) Assistance of the basic knowledge transmission program is conducted. C) Operational experience accumulated program for OJT is conducted. D) Advanced Internet Technology accumulated program is also conducted. Technology that is studied on Advanced Internet Technology accumulated program is used on the Internet operation aggressively. Continuous experience accumulation is actualized. As a result, 29 network operators from 5 countries who joined this series of program showed their ability to operate advanced Internet environment and they now work on network management for the SOI ASIA Project with the network operator from advanced Internet environment. Therefore the Bridge Incentive Model was proven to be effective to solve the digital divide in SOI Asia project. Moreover, as this model and training program are designed to be applicable to any regions or Internet situations, they can contribute to solve generic digital divide issues in any regions.
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